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Transmission Line Construction Engineering Society of Japan was established 1949. The main objective of the society is to help improve the technical skills and facilitate the development of overhead transmission line construction and stable supply of electric power energy.
The registered membership of the Society is composed of 200 corporate bodies, mainly construction and electric power companies.
About 240 thousand units of transmission line towers and about 80,000 kilometers of transmission lines have been constructed in Japan by our members.
Our society has released more than 200 technical documents and research papers which could be applied to maintenance and improvement of overhead transmission line construction technology. These publications have received a high evaluation.
Our society has developed and ensured high-level human resources and operated the qualification system in transmission line construction.
Providing a forum for researches and engineers who resolve technical issues of the transmission line construction, our society actively promote the advancement of transmission line construction technology.
As a trailblazer in the field of advanced transmission line construction technology, our society intends to play appropriate and increasingly important role in the international community.
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